A lot of people love to make karaoke machines a part of their parties. Whether you’re a college student or a grown-up professional, a home karaoke machine is something that is for everyone to ensure a great party. It comes with two microphones that use Bluetooth technology. The singing machine is portable and comes with wheels so that you can easily roll it along.

It connects with Bluetooth, USB, AUX, TF card so that you can easily find the songs that you want to perform during your next karaoke session. The speaker is of high quality, helping to make certain that you will be heard. Also comes with a microphone stand to hold your tablet or phone so that you can sing along with the lyrics while you perform karaoke and comes with two microphones that can be connected at the same time. You can use them to sing duets with your friends.

Rental: $50


Security deposit: $100


ALL games and accessories require a Deposit and/or Credit card to be on file!!

*If only ordering tables, chairs, canopies, concessions or games… please include delivery fee

$75 minimum order requirement… (order over $160, no delivery fee)

Delivery Fee $35

*Note: Please be advised there is wear... our items are not all NEW