Don’t have enough tables, chairs or a canopy? Call us today to add these items to your party / festival / church function / family Reunion etc. Look and style of tables and chairs may vary depending on what we have in stock.

Item Price Notes
6ft Plastic Folding Table $7 Seats 6-8
8ft Plastic Folding Table $9 Seats 8-10
60″ Round Table $12 Seats 8-10
White Folding Chairs $1
10 x 10 Canopy $30
12 x 12 Canopy (light grey) $35
10 x 20 Canopy $140 $30 extra for set-up, $10 extra for side panels


ALL games and accessories require a Deposit and/or Credit card to be on file!!
*If only ordering tables, chairs, canopies, concessions or games… please include delivery fee
$75 minimum order requirement… (order over $160, no delivery fee)

Delivery Fee $30

*Note: Please be advised there is wear… our items are not all NEW

Vision Statement

To provide the atmosphere where food, fun, family and friends are the core focus for an entertainment experience that will be lasting and memorable.

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