Tables, chairs, etc...

*ALL Accessories require a Deposit and/or Credit card to be on file!!*

*If only ordering tables, chairs, canopies or concessions… please include delivery fee*

Don’t have enough tables, chairs or a canopy? Call us today to add these items to your party / festival / church function / family Reunion etc. Look and style of tables and chairs may vary depending on what we have in stock.

*$75 minimum order requirement… (order over $125, no delivery fee)*

*Delivery Fee $25*

Item Price Notes
6ft Plastic Folding Table $7 Seats 6-8
8ft Plastic Folding Table $9 Seats 8-10
60″ Round Table $12 Seats 8-10
White Folding Chairs $1
10 x 10 Canopy $30
12 x 12 Canopy (light grey) $35
10 x 20 Canopy $120 $30 extra for set-up, $10 extra for side panels